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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Travel Partners !!

This is an article I had come across and I loved it so very much !! 

What is it about travel that can turn even your dearest friends into penny-pinching, obsessive-compulsive freaks? Have a look at some of them !!

1. The 'everything is better back home' travel partner
The beaches of southern France you're visiting? "Not as good as Queensland's." The beer in Belgium? "Not as good as VB or Coopers." The Rocky Mountains? "They're not that much bigger than the Snowy Mountains, are they?" The nightlife in Paris? "I reckon Sydney's got better clubs and the drinks are much cheaper." 
No matter where you go on this planet, nothing will top home for this irritating travel partner. But the best part is you get to hear them tell all your friends back home how much better everything was overseas.

2. The 'I don't care, whatever you want to do is fine' travel partner
This travel partner might be ideal — if they actually existed. But the two things you'll find about this travel partner are (a) they do care; and (b) whatever you want to do is not fine. 
They'll be happy to let you plan everything while insisting everything sounds great, 'till they get there. Then you'll find everything you planned and booked will be dissected and ridiculed.

3. The over-packer travel partner
This travel partner reminds you of your dear little grandmother as they carefully unpack the entire contents of their (typically) oversized suitcase or backpack at every hotel or hostel you stop at. The thing is, you never wanted to travel with your grandmother. Watch valuable hours disappear in exotic, far-off lands as you sit and watch your travel partner repack their clothes into a bag they just emptied at 11pm the previous night.

4. The tight-arse travel partner
Sure, they earn $100,000 a year but they'll take you on a 5km walk in 40°C heat to save two dollars on a bus ride. They'll make you wait as they spend 20 minutes haggling in Kuta Beach to save three cents, then spend the rest of the day boasting about it.
The tight-arse travel partner comes in two varieties:
The tight-arse travel partner who's tight from the moment they land.
The tight-arse travel partner who slowly begins a road to Tight-Arse Central. They'll remark how cheap everything is on arrival, but within days, even hours, you'll spend the rest of your holiday in seedy bars kilometres from the beach because the beers are five cents cheaper.

5. The partner travel partner
They can be the greatest companion of all time — or they can be the worst travel partner ever. Let's face it, we don't get to spend that much time with our partners. By the time we go to work, see our friends, wash the car, mow the lawn and walk the dog there's barely time for a hello and goodbye before you turn off the lights. 
Now you have to spend 24 hours a day with this person, seven days a week. Are you sure you're ready for that?

6. The over-planner travel partner
Okay, so this person might be better than the 'I don't care' travel partner, but only just. While they were anything but lazy in the lead-up to your big trip away, you'll wish they didn't spend quite so much time planning every second of every day of your time away. The travel planner will take all the spontaneity and sense of adventure out of your big trip abroad. Opportunities for untold hedonistic pleasures will go by the wayside as you sit on that tourist bus in Rome. But don't bother explaining, they'll be busy reading the Lonely Planet website for updates.

7. The scaredy-cat travel partner
Sure, it's smart to be safe — particularly if you're females travelling alone — but you didn't think travel was quite so dangerous 'til you travelled with this person — and you're only in New Zealand! 
Suggest a night out in Buenos Aires and you'll be told of a tourist who died there in 1976. Suggest a restaurant off the beaten track in Morocco and you'll be sliced up like shish kebabs by a crazed Muslim (because it happened once in Iran).
This person may just save your life — but by this stage it might've been judged mercy killing, anyway.

8. The dirty travel partner
Not everyone needs to be tidy as they backpack through South-East Asia, but this travel partner takes it to the next level. They won't take the opportunities to wash clothes or themselves, preferring instead to collect the various stains and smells of each country they visit as some sort of sick traveller trophy, mixed in with the increasing stink emanating from their own body. 

9. The embarrassing travel partner
It's funny how you didn't notice your friend was a raving racist, homophobe, nymphomaniac, alcoholic or drug-abuser 'til you leave for a world holiday. And by this time, of course, it's far too late. You might be prepared to overlook your friend's drunken gaffes when you're part of a social group at home but it's different now there are just two of you making new friends. You're only now realising the things you'd overlooked because you've known your friend for 20 years. Remember, others haven't.

10. The sickly travel partner
Just the buzz of a mosquito is enough to send them into a malaria-induced fever and McDonald's in London is enough to bring on the kind of Bali-belly symptoms not seen on that island since the '70s. This travel partner falls into two categories:
1. The genuinely ill. While slightly less frustrating than the other type, they'll destroy your travel plans and ambitious treks will be foregone for endless days killing time near hotels.
2. The hypochondriac. They'll know every disease going in every country you visit. Incredibly, they will catch every single one of them.

Hope you enjoyed reading this one as much as I did, any of you had any specific experiences with your travel partner ? Would love to know !!

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