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Monday, September 6, 2010

Dell inspiron 1525 over heats & shuts down [Solved!!]

The Problem:

Well, the problem began around 3 months back, my laptop 1525 Inspiron dell suddenly started giving me a peculiar problem. when i was skyping back home, it suddenly shutdown. so i observed for some more time and tried troubleshooting the error with the help of the internet but i did not find any satisfcatory answer and hence i decided to wait and observe. With time the shutdown became more frequent and it also started happening when i used video in gmail chats !! In the meanwhile i had upgraded my system to a better operating system namely Windows 7 Home Premium from an obsolete & junked up Windows Vista Basic but the skype+video call problem was persistent and also i found my machine was getting heated up very quickly when streaming any videos online or when skype video was in use. Now with my new operating system too the problem was prevalent and i had my final conclusion that it was indeed a pure hardware problem !! And then i think i did one of the best things, i disabled my webcam (integrated laptop webcam) but still long (more than 10 mins) streaming of videos  kept heating up my laptop with the cpu temperature maxing upto 75 - 85 degree celsuis ! and that helped me narrow down my search for a solution and i landed up at the following technical help forum:

The Solution:

And the best answer provided by andreas finally worked !!

And i simply followed the instructions in the manual below:

Yes for the first time I opened up the laptop unit and it was fairly easy to do so !!

You need to unscrew the panel on the bottom of the Inspiron and then unscrew the cooling assembly and take it out completely and have a look at the little silver radiator box at the end of the thick copper wire. I found that the radiator was so clogged up with dust causing my overheating problem. Just blow the dust out and pop the assembly back in.

Now its testing time, so I have enabled my integrated laptop web-cam and I hope that my further video conversations will be just fine !! Well I atleast hope soo !!! 
If this solution works I will have saved myself atleast 90 pounds (for a technician doing this same work would have cost me atleast that much !!)

Laptop Bottom
Dust Clog on Radiator

Dust in Fan Outlet
That was a lot of dust
Now thats how it looks when its cleaned