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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

True Love .....

Its kinda weird, life is such a “lost for words” … life is such a real (read unreal) world where people have time for work and movies, music and kitchen, forms and queues but they hardly have time for people.

Since time immemorial I have been a diehard romantic lover and a firm believer in soul mate kinda love stories but life always gets me to and through a life where I have to tell myself … ok … that’s only in books!! But the best thing is that this love thing is so much into me that it just stays no matter what!! Haven’t we heard the famous line … till death do us apart … well that’s how is my equation with love. “Yeh bimaari toh ab bus zindagi ke saath hi chhootegi” (this disease will be with you till you live)

Love is a beautiful feeling. It can get you rocking and reeling! An ardent fan of love stories few of my favorite love stories are … Veer Zaara, DDLJ, Pardes, 1942 A Love Story, Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, Namaste London, Jodha Akbar,City Of Angels, Notting Hill, 50 First Dates, A Beautiful Mind, Chasing Liberty, Pearl Harbor, P. S. I Love You, Love Actually (except the ones involving husband wife betrayal saga’s…. they make me really sad)

So, what kind of love do I believe in??? I believe in love that is all so powerful and giving. Love that is magnanimous in nature, the more you give the more it becomes. A love so strong and yet so gentle and caring. Love that is a gift of God, where we is always before a me, where us is before an I. Love that is honest and pure at heart, a love that will not cheat, a love that loves even when all hell seems to be breaking apart. A love not in the heart of a possessive lover, but love in a lover’s wide spread arms to take in the love of his life. A love that never stifles instead holds on gently without hurting like quick silver held in an outstretched palm. Like that of squadron leader Veer Pratap Singh. A love that heals, a love that is simple, unadulterated, a love that holds a heart like a flower petal, a love that understands fears, one that can stop tears, a love that brings a smile to the face. Love like this is in my heart. I do not believe in love that is a farce, a love that is a mere duty, a love that is not felt, a love that is there and not expressed. Do not love someone because you are supposed to, love someone only if you truly do because love doesn’t last a lifetime if it isn’t true. But if I believed in love so much and if my love is all so giving, why do I hope to receive it back? Can I survive in this world which is too real for my love stories? The real world takes me away from my world of love. We believe in marriage as an institution, we believe that we breathe air and oxygen, we believe in ghosts and we claim sighting UFO’s, we nod our heads to the theory of all the infinitesimal objects in the universe like black holes and quasars but very few people believe in true love. Well! And not all are lucky enough to get true love and some of those who get it don’t know it tell they lose that someone.

Love knocks on a heart so gently that those too immersed in self and the noise of the world they miss hearing it. It's like a heartbeat just right outside your heart and you never know when it enters in so silently and sweetly and becomes one of your own beating in synchronous rhythm as though it was always your own heartbeat. Thatz what true love is, it’s a part of you before you know it and no matter how far or near you are to the person you love you are always beating in their heart and they in yours.

Stop for that moment and listen to the heartbeat while it still is part of you, because the only time you will realize their love is when they are not in this world, and their heart will stop beating and suddenly you will realize that one of their heartbeat became part of you forever, and it was always there, if only you had listened.

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