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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Do you feel this way for someone ?

Well !! Been off the blogging scene for a couple of weeks juggling with lots that got added on the professional front !But back to what i look doing the most !!Came across this poem , sent by a friend ...
Just random thoughts !!
Do you have that person / people in your life for whom you feel whats conveyed in this poem ? Check it out !!

Is that me or it is you? 

When I am upset, there is a tear in your eye
When I am happy, there is a smile on your face
I am not sure who resides in me
Is that me or it is you?
You have sleepless nights when I work till late
You too stay hungry when I'm not in a mood to eat
You get worried when I get hurt
You look fresh when I sleep for long
I am not sure who takes care of me
Is that me or it is you?
Sadness touches your heart before it comes to me
Happiness brings a twinkle in your eyes before it brings a smile on my face
Words come out of your mouth before thoughts enter my mind
I am not sure who has my heart
Is that me or it is you?
I was upset and was crying
Wanted to spend some time with me
But I missed you when I was with myself
I am not sure who did I want
Was that me or it was you?
I have asked a thousand times to myself
Who is my life?
Is that me or it is you?

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  1. "Look doing the most" or should it be "like doing the most" ?


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