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Friday, December 19, 2008

The Search For A Blog URL Name

Well ! This wasnt supposed to be my first blog topic ! But as providence would have it, it turns out to be the first. Talking about my blog URL, I always wanted it to be something that appealed to me and my thoughts and hence i embarked on a journey of churning out blog titles thought after thought, clicking the "Check Availability" button with optimism hoping to find one soon. But i must say it was quite a journey this one. For records i kept on saving each of the blog titles that got rejected (only out of amusement, i was not bitten by the "Archive" bug). The list is as follows:

life24by7, rendezvouswithlife, followyourmind, growthroughlife, languageofthought, ifthemindcouldspeak, whatsinaname, writingsonthewall, candid-expressions, expressmyself, mindtalk, straightfromthehead, expressions-unlimited, lifealltheway, thoughtstreams, thoughtsgalore, thoughtsandwritings, thoughtsunplugged, expressionsunplugged, readmymind, readmythoughts

And finally when my thought reserves were about to dry up for the night, "tuneintomythoughts" struck ! And whoa !!! It was available too !!!! :) I actually felt ecstatic and a subtle realisation sunk into me that this is the price one pays for not having hit the blogging scene at its inception :) But as they say, better late than never !!

Welcome to "tuneintomythoughts" !!!

Happy to have begun .....


  1. Yourthoughtsdomatter. Whatsinthename ?? :-)

    Welcome Aboard.

  2. hey... welcome!

    You've always been articulate so it'll be interesting to see your thoughts in writing!

  3. ... and yeah - love your template - bright and positive!


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